Sunday 14 September 2014

Wear Your Art on Your T-Shirt!

Do you know what primary colours are? Yes, they are red, yellow and blue and they are the only colours that can’t be created by mixing two other coloursWhen you mix two primary colours, you will get a new colour which is also known as a secondary colour.  Try to mix two primary colours in liquid form. Do you get these as a result?

Red + Blue      = Purple
Red + Yellow     = Orange
Yellow + Blue    = Green 

Purple, orange and green are secondary colours – each a mixture of two primary colours. Their tone is halfway between the two primary colours that were used to mix them. On the colour wheel, the secondary colours are located between the colours they are made from.

There are 6 tertiary colours (red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green, and blue-violet) that are made by mixing a primary colour with an adjacent secondary colour. On the colour wheel, the tertiary colours are located between the primary and secondary colours they are made from. 

By using Sharpie pens and methylated spirit (you can get it in pharmacies) as the magic potion, you get cool wearable art! Here is an activity, you are able to apply your newfound colour mixing skills to creative use and learn something about solvents and diffusion. 

Step 1
Spread and even out the t-shirt on a flat surface. Ensure that there is a piece of wax paper underneath the first layer.
Step 2
Draw any design on the t-shirt. Be as creative as possible!
Step 3
Evenly spray the drawings with a few pumps of methylated spirit. Observe what happens!
Wow! A 'tie-dye' effect can be obtained when a few drops of methylated spirit is dropped onto patterns drawn using Sharpie pens as the ink dissolves in alcohol and is carried through the fabric.
Please take note: Be extra careful because the usage of methylated spirit must be closely monitored as it is a toxic solution. It cannot be handled by children below 12 years old. It is also highly flammable and harmful by inhalation, in contact with eyes, and if swallowed. 
Step 4
Using a dark coloured Sharpie, doodle over the drawings to fill in any details if desired.

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