Friday 26 September 2014


Symphony In Motion

How do bats or birds know how to fly in an orderly fashion while in a large group?  Is there a special signal or understanding among them?  Likewise a large school of fish swimming in synchronicity to the shape of a tornado.  How do they do it?  It doesn’t just occur in nature but also among non-living things.  
Starling flock at Sunset in Denmark
Image credit: Tommy Hansen
A fish tornado
Image credit: Bare Dreamer

It’s not planned.  It just happens!  So strange, Confusion hooking up with Orderliness to give us Synchronicity or Organization!
Image credit: Edward Aspera Jr. - U.S Air Force

Changes in the weather. Cardiac arrhythmias. Traffic flow patterns. Urban development and decay. Epidemics. Bats and birds.  The behavior of people in groups.  Chaos and complexity holds all of these together.  

These things that happen, although unpredictable are quite frequently, not chaotic at all, but well organized. For example, the function of the exceedingly complex human brain.  

In nonlinear systems, change is not continuous – sudden transitions resulting from dramatic reorganization.

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