Friday 28 March 2014


Almost everyone buys a drink, whether it’s a soda, water, or perhaps iced tea. But what do we do with the plastic bottles they come in? The next time you grab one, be sure to hold on to the empty plastic bottle. With just a few simple steps, you can reuse an empty plastic bottle and help food keep longer! 

When we open a bag of food like chips, cereals, or bread, we often reseal them a with rubber band or a store-bought clip. If improperly sealed, the food may lose its crunch, spoil faster, or attract unwanted pests. But why hassle over fussy rubber bands or spend money buying fancy clips when you can make one yourself!

With an empty plastic bottle, a cutter, and your creativity, you can make your very own sealer for opened bags of food! It is easy to use and practical, with the ability to seal most kinds of  bags. Here’s how it looks like:
Want to make one? All you need is an empty plastic drinking bottle that's washed and dry, a marker pen and a cutter (be careful using this). Here are 3 easy steps to make a  sealer. 

Step 1:
- Prepare the bottle by cleaning and drying it. Any plastic bottle with a screw on cap will work.

Step 2:
- Trace the outline of where to cut with a marker. We will only use the top part of the bottle. Be creative with the second half!
Step 3:
- After that, carefully cut along the lines. Be careful while cutting. Adults should be doing this. Decorate the sealer if you like using leftover materials like ribbons. Decorating isn't necessary as you may immediately use it after it is cut.

Here you go! A sealer for an opened bags of food is ready to use! Just slide the opened bag of food through the top of the bottle, then seal it by screwing the cap on tightly.

So reuse and extend the lifespan of the items we have. This helps minimize waste and indirectly we are contributing towards a greener planet


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