Monday 3 March 2014

Fortune Telling Bear!

Are you in love? Are you passionate or jealous? The Fortune Telling Bear can determine that for you. Place this mystical Fortune Telling Bear on your palm and it will give you some signs! 

Do you think it’s really a magical palm reader? Not really, but science can explain this. The Fortune Telling Bear is made of a super-thin material called cellophane. Cellophane material is usually used for hamper wraps or Chinese “tanglung”. All you need to do is cut the cellophane into the shape of a bear and voila! You have a fortune telling bear!

Cellophane is a hygroscopic material. "Hygro" means water, and "scopic" means to find, making cellophane a "water-finding" material. This water-finding property means that the cellophane bear seeks out and absorbs the moisture from the surface of your palms. Since the palms of human hands have a lot of sweat glands, the cellophane is immediately successful in finding moisture to absorb.

When the cellophane absorbs moisture from the palm, the Fortune Telling Bear begins to ‘expand’ and the hand-facing surfaces of the bear will start to ‘hug’ in and out from your palm. The wriggling effect comes from the light-weight nature of cellophane that makes it very sensitive to even the slightest of air currents!

Shared by Izhana
Learning Specialist, Petrosains

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