Friday 30 June 2017

Integrating Creative Drama Into Science

Once, there was a saying, ‘If you are an artist, learn science. If you are a scientist cultivate art.’ Science and arts are just like a reflection of each other in the mirror because both are human attempts to understand and describe the world. In spite of the difference in equipment and terms, science and arts exist to change our perception of the world.

In Petrosains, we believe that the communication process of science can be further enhanced by introducing artistic elements. Hence, Petrosains had started the partnership with Science Centre Singapore as the Malaysian organizer for the International Science Drama Competition. This competition is an annual event whose main objectives include promoting science through drama. It involves teams from primary schools in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the Philippines.

At the Malaysian level, the Science Drama Competition was organized by Petrosains in partnership with KDU University College, EduNation and Association of Science and Technology (ASTI). As a partner, KDU University College had conducted a science drama boot camp at KDU University College, Glenmarie as well as providing mentoring assistance to the top 10 participating teams prior to the competition. Meanwhile, EduNation provided online support for the competition and ASTI reached out the schools to encourage participation in this competition.

The Malaysian Finals was held at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre on May 13th, 2017 with all top 10 teams from all over Malaysia competing to be the top 3 teams to represent Malaysia at the international finals. In commemoration with 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the theme of this year’s International Science Drama Competition was ‘Sustainable Tourism’.

The theme can be simply defined as an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture while at the same time providing assistance in generating income, employment, and conservation of local ecosystems.  Each team were required to present a short drama about 7 minutes with science and drama content based on the theme.Each team’s performances were judged based on scientific content, cast performance, overall presentation, and creativity.

Team Dragon Rangers from SK Bandar Baru Bangi emerged as the first place winner in their performance, Creatures from the Depth, which emphasized on responsible tourism. Meanwhile, team Matrix Private School who won the second place with their skit, The Missing Malayan Tiger stressed the importance of protecting and conserving wildlife.  The third place winner, Team Tempe! decided to focus on food preservation and encouraged support towards local delicacies through the culinary tourism in their drama, Microbes: The Good and Bad Side.

The top 3 teams represented Malaysia in the Grand Finals in Singapore on June 3. The Grand Finals was held at Science Centre Singapore. Team Dragon Ranger of SK Bandar Baru Bangi clinched the second prize with SGD400 of prize money and also the Outstanding Performer Award at the Grand Finals in Singapore. On the other hand, the other two Malaysian teams; team Matrix Private School and Team Tempe from SK Pekan Nenas each won a  Merit Award. Both teams received SGD100 each. 

Overall, the International Science Drama Competition 2017 has met its objective; to promote science through drama. All teams not only managed to leave with newfound knowledge and appreciation towards sustainable tourism but also gain invaluable acting skills and understanding of the beautiful art of drama. 

Shared by Celine Woon
Guest Blogger

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