Friday 27 December 2013

Science Matters!

Do you know that metal slinky can produce sounds like a ‘laser gun’?
Did you know that if you sit on a fully inflated balloon it will likely pop but what if you’re standing on a raft of balloons? 
A regular air-filled balloon will pop when exposed to a flame but in this photo, a science communicator is able to hold a flame under a balloon without it bursting. Is this magic? Of course it isn’t! By simply adding water into the balloon, enough heat can be absorbed and dissipated to ensure that the balloon doesn’t burst. How long do you think the balloon can remain resistant to the flame?

More discoveries were happening at Petrosains from July - September 2013 with our third thematic program called Science Matters! Discoveries That Change The World. It was definitely an interesting affair. The pictures above show the interactive mini science shows that we had in our centre. Seeing seeing someone conduct a simple science experiment live helps us learn and understand science easier.  
The highlight for our 'Weekend Special' event was the sape and guitar performance by Nico, our science communicator. He demonstrated the differences and similarities between the two musical instruments. Besides that, visitors also had a chance to make their own paper helicopters.

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