Friday 6 December 2013

Why You Should Go To 'Dialogue In The Dark'?

Yes, I DID IT!

Imagine a life with no light, nothing but darkness! You can hear sounds but you will never be able to see or know how you look like, or even what your handphone looks like. That is the reality for millions of people around the world who are visually impaired, living with blindness. It is a fact that most of us do not have to live with, but it is something we should experience in an exhibition called ‘Dialogue in the Dark’.

A little bit about the history, ‘Dialogue in the Dark (DiD)’ was founded in Germany by Andreas Heinecke and has been in more than 130 cities in 20 over countries and has reached  out to over 7 million visitors globally since its opening in 1988. Finally, DiD has landed in Malaysia with a special ‘Experiential Journey’ organized by Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia and hosted by Petrosains, The Discovery Centre in Suria  KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
The objective is for us to understand sightlessness and change our perspective in life toward the blind. It also aims to raise awareness and create empathy  for these special people, thereby overcoming barriers between “us” and “them”.

The exhibition consists of a series of rooms in complete darkness. It is a journey into a ‘world without sight’ whereby a group of visitors will be led by blind or partially blind guides who are trained through dark rooms which replicate daily environments.  The guides  are trained and competent in handling situations  during the tour so that visitors are  assured they are  safe and well taken care of. The guides provide an imaginative, educational and entertaining experience, progressing from anxiety and nervousness to the joy of perceiving the world through other senses.
While increasing awareness, the organizers of this exhibition has the noble intention of creating employment opportunities for the visually-impaired people and part of the proceeds collected from the exhibition will be channeled towards developing a permanent and sustainable DID Centre in Malaysia. 

Open up your mind, relax and you will definitely enjoy the tour! It will be an  enlightening l experience for sure. Don’t panic, you will be briefed on how to use a walking stick before embarking on the 60  minutes journey through darkness. Even though the exhibition is totally dark, it is safe because emergency evacuation procedures and CCTV cameras are in place to ensure safety. Share your wonderful experience with your families, friends and relatives right after you come out from the exhibition and write it on a postcard!
So, come and experience the  journey with Dialogue in the Dark and allow your other senses to be your guide as you navigate through total darkness at Petrosains, KLCC Suria today! ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ starts this Sunday, 8th December 2013 and will be around until 31 May 2014. Book your  tickets now as slots are limited and only eight visitors are allowed for each tour slot. ! Check out the details below or visit our website at  


Posted by Ayu
Learning Specialist, Petrosains

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