Sunday 22 December 2013

Decoding Science Into Arts

Science by itself is intricate. Jargons and complicated theories are always the barrier for the public to understand astonishing discoveries which has won the Nobel Prize. One needs to acquire deep knowledge on Science to digest those findings. However, artist Volker Steger came up with a fresh idea to solve this problem: present science in the form of arts. He challenged the laureates by giving them a blank sheet of paper and a box of crayons to draw their discoveries and this gave birth to the Sketches of Science exhibition. Who else could have imagined such a spontaneous and brilliant approach?

PETRONAS, alongside the Secretariat of the Merdeka Award and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) proudly presents The Sketches of Science: Photo Sessions with Nobel Laureates exhibition at the Petronas Gallery (located at the 3rd floor of Suria KLCC). It features 42 portraits of the Nobel Laureates with their sketches which contributed mainly in the main fields of science; Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. 
The moment visitors step into the exhibition, they could see 50 portraits of the laureates posing with their creative sketches. This exhibition allows visitors to explore the art behind the theories from the laureates’ very own perspective. Sketches exhibited brilliantly depict laureates’ minds in presenting their discovery. What is most appealing about the exhibition is it fosters interest to the public that Science is more than just theories; it is also applicable. It is for everyone to view! Not only that, it is interesting that the scientists attempt to simplify their scientific ideas. This concept where science is infused with arts will attract both science enthusiast and the general public. 
Telephone interviews with the laureates themselves are provided; it engages visitors with the laureates. One could feel stronger connection with the sketching as the interview further explains the symbols of each of the portraits that they view. A documentary video and digital presentations in the exhibition makes it even more interactive. In addition, science communicators from Petrosains are assigned each day to assist visitors. They are there to answer inquiries and offer guidance. This creates a new environment where the culture of excellence is injected into the society. 
Sketches of Science is truly unique. Volker Steger also gave an overview of how each laureate reacted to the project and this indirectly showcases the colourful side of their personality. We would like to invite the public to visit the exhibition and gain as much knowledge and inspiration from it. The exhibition is being held until 31st of January 2014, from 10.00 am up to 8.00pm daily except for Mondays. Here's the best thing, admission is free! 

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