Saturday 28 December 2013

Of Magic & Chemistry

Towards the end of year 2013, we are celebrating the wonders of science and this time it's having fun with chemistry! The theme is called 'Of Magic & Chemistry'. In conjunction with this theme, we are also giving out a 2-in-1 colourful periodic table and 2014 table calendar to visitors.             
There are many activities listed for visitors to try. Did you know that forensic scientists study how ink breaks down into separate colours in order to solve crimes? We call this chromatography. You can give it a try at Petrosains!
In the ‘Zesty Candle’ activity at Petrosains, you can make your own homemade candle. You need half an orange with the insides scooped out and some olive oil! Orange skin contains a flammable oil with a compound called limonene. Limonene gives oranges and other citrus fruits their distinctive smell! The Zesty Candle made from the orange skin and olive oil produces a fresh citrus scent but with all flammable items, so great care must be taken. 
Our fun science demonstrations on chemistry stimulates you to discover how ordinary works of science can be such an exciting and unforgettable experience! The picture below shows our science communicator performing a science show about ‘Combustion’. Basically he is explaining the three elements that is needed to ignite and sustain a fire, which are fuel, heat and oxygen. 

Hope this will change the mindset that we can only learn and do chemistry in a lab. In actual fact we are free to discover chemical reactions at home using everyday materials. But kids, make sure you have parental guidance if dealing with fire! Or else..

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