Wednesday 25 December 2013

Looking Back at 'Our Earth Our Home'!

Our first thematic program for 2013 was 'Our Earth Our Home' which was held from January until March 2013. The theme was celebrating science activities delivering a message to keepsafe our environment. It was celebrated in our main centre, Petrosains KLCC and also in our mini satellite centers in Playsmart Johor Bahru, Playsmart Kuantan and Playsmart Kota Kinabalu. All activities done by Petrosains for 'Our Earth Our Home' was aimed to create awareness among us on the importance of conserving & preserving our environment.

The highlight for this theme was our special iconic tree which was named the 'Pledge Tree'. It was made of recycled cardboard boxes and displayed on our science show stage with environmental messages written by visitors on small, colourful pieces of paper that later became the leaves of the tree. 

Some of the hands-on mini science activities conducted in the centre are as shown in the pictures below:-
Home Sweet Home - Understanding our earth structure by making a model using clay

Throughout the 3 months of having 'Our Earth Our Home' as our theme, we chose one weekend to hold a 'Weekend Special'. Usually during weekend specials, we have extra science activities on top of those held on a daily basis. We also had Aswara Dance Performing Arts Group performing 3 dances with choreography inspired by the animal kingdom! 

Playsmart Kuantan held 'Clean the Beaches' outdoor activity and Playsmart Johor Bahru did a program in Taman Negara Tanjung Piai where they planted mangrove trees and also held a trash collecting competition. 
Playsmart JB celebrating Festival Hijau at Taman Negara, Tanjung Piai

But surely initiatives to save our environment & keep it in pristine conditions should not just happen during those three months. It must be an on-going effort that continues everywhere on Earth. We should remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to take good care of our Earth as it is our only home!

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