Friday 20 December 2019

Petrosains in Iraq 2018

Ahlan Wa Sahlan min eind Iraq!
(Hello from Iraq!)

It is such a great pleasure to end the year 2018 with an exceptional experience that we will never acquire anywhere around the world. Petrosains has sent another team again this year for the 5th time to work together with the Petronas Carigali Iraq (PCIHBV) team to conduct Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) program with the community of Garraf. 

We took this opportunity to create wonders across the globe through Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) and Petrosains’ approach; Hands-on, Minds On, Hearts On. 

Upon flight checked-in, we were assisted by PCIHBV's staff
Safety is our first priority! First time donning the bulletproof vest, and you have to wear it for the next 5 hours
Mr Niko briefed us on Garraf Vocational Training Center (GVTC) set up before we start organizing all workshop's item in place
Hamizah briefed our translator, Ali on the science behind a blind spot

On 7th Dec around 4:30pm, we were safely arrived at Garraf Base Camp (GBC) after 5 and half hours journey from Basra Airport and warmly welcomed by Mr Azlan Khalil; Head of Operation and Mr Nik Othman from Corporate Affairs, PCIHBV. Their tagline “Home, away from home” says it and their hospitality, speaks for themselves. 

Our first 4 days were specially slotted for 108 pax of teachers from schools around Garraf. We spent the remaining days educating 658 the students and their accompanying teachers and yet we wished we have reached even more. We fight the language barrier in delivering knowledge through our favourite translator, Mr Yas Khudair. 

"Wow, this is delicious!" - Tn Hj Bacho enjoyed the ice cream as much as the kids loved it
Tn Hj Bacho make a time to give an inspiring speech to the kids
Hamizah represent Petrosains to received the focus recognition from CEO Garraf
Students and volunteers delighted by the Paper Cup Circuit activity

On 13th Dec, we were humbled by a visit from Tuan Haji Bacho Pilong (Vice President of International Assets, Development & Production, Upstream, PETRONAS). Tuan Haji Bacho Pilong not only gave encouraging words to those who participated in the program but he also delighted the children by personally facilitating one of the most exciting activity – make your own ice cream. On another day, Mr Sohaime Abdullah (Garraf CEO) also step foot in our workshop and proudly present a focus recognition to Petrosains for our continuous support and commitment. Both of them were so thrilled by our activities and looking forward to future collaborations, perhaps in other international assets as well. 

In the spirit of shared success, results matter and focused execution, this program has successfully impacted Petrosains’ Key Results 2018;  physical reach 766 pax of teachers and students and earned revenue RM 116,772.00. And through word of mouth, this program will definitely give a positive impact to PETRONAS.

To the esteemed Petrosains’ LT and honourable colleagues, thank you very much for all your prayers and support. 

We really treasure the once in a lifetime experience and will be delighted to share with you over coffee, lunchtime or even a simple chit chat. So don’t be shy and ask away. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below!

Teachers' Workshop

Teachers were enjoyed making their own Ice Cream

Nabilah assisted the teachers on switching off the Paper Cut Circuit

Faizal helped the teacher building his Hydraulic Syringe system

"3,2,1 Go!" - teachers release their own designed Paper Heli together

The teachers had a discussion on the science behind Cartesian Driver mini show

"Woah, this is amazing!" - said Mr Ahmed which captivated by the VR Box

Creative Science for Schools Workshop

The students were mesmerized by Petrosains' signature illusion card trick

The line-up of the top 8 most creative Safety Vest

Rizal showed off the floating egg during Eggciting Science Show

We were lucky to have a very responsive participant! 

Nabby performing the Bubble Science Show

Bye, hope you learn something kids!

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