Tuesday 26 June 2018

Bukit Nanas – The Urban Forest

Bukit Nanas is located in Kuala Lumpur at the heart of the capital city of Malaysia. Bukit Nanas is also home to the one and only urban hanging bridge, also known as the Skywalk with hang up to 20 metres above ground which allows visitors to observe the mix of concrete skyscrapers and nature all around the surrounding while immersing themselves in nature in a bird's eye view. Among the skyscrapers around the area are KL towers and several other mega corporation towers. 

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve in one of the very few forests that still keep the original rainforest from before the urbanization of Kuala Lumpur hence a walk through the forest, visitors can find many trees with the age as far as hundreds of years old are all around the area. Not only greens can be found in the forest but animals can also be found such as these unique silvered leaf monkey that makes the area their home. Among the mentioned aspect that has made this place so interesting, this urban forest has also prepared a tracking trail for visitors to explore the natural beauty offered in a slow pace, nearer experience through the woods. Visitors can touch trees and feel the different texture that is very different from one another while learning about the facts of it all around the area. 

In conclusion, the forest is not exactly the perfect interpretation of an untouched tropical forest, but in bits, it does give a glimpse of what an untouched tropical forest of Malaysia really looks like. Having so much concrete all around the area, the Kuala Lumpur Forest Reserve is a good place for anybody who wishes to take a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also a great place for those who live in the city to learn a little about the types of trees that can be hard to find in the current condition of the city. 

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