Wednesday 8 March 2017

Streetsmart 3/5: Be Bright, Be seen

Be bright, be seen
Even though cars have headlights, drivers might not always see pedestrians. Here are some helpful tips to staying bright and seen!

1) Dress brightly!
When we go out during daytime, it is advisable to wear colourful or fluorescent clothing so cars can see us.

At night, wear light-coloured clothing as it will make us more visible as a biker or pedestrian. 

2) Wear reflective gear
The smallest amount of reflective wear will make a difference, whether it be a key ring, bag tag, reflective-tape, sticker or bike reflector so the cars can see us in their headlights.

3) Customise our backpack
Another way to be seen is by customizing our backpack with cool reflective zip clips and stickers.

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Posted by Ayu Royani
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