Friday 27 May 2016

Let's Tinker at Petrosains!

Once you enter the room, you'll see a lot of materials being displayed on tables like papers, marker pens, colouring pencils, cardboards, batteries, wires, wooden sticks and etc.

Take a seat. Observe materials on the table. Use your imagination and understand certain concepts to construct something. Then apply your creativity and you'll be able to create something. 

During the activity above, you’ll construct a working and wearable circuit. You’ll experiment with a battery, sticky tape and an LED bulb to learn how to connect a circuit, and then design a way for it to work on a wrist cuff, a badge, or any other wearable item. Watch your friends' eyes light up, as you light up the LED on your clothing just by wearing it!

You  can also make a unique lamp shutter from ice cream sticks! Ice cream sticks can be glued, taped, or even friction-fit together to create all sorts of cool objects and designs. Experiment & design your own awesome projects with these sticks to see what you can make!

A breadboard also known as a protoboard is a type of solderless electronic circuit building board. You can build an electronic circuit on a breadboard without any soldering! A breadboard is a great tool for quickly testing out a prototype circuit or hooking up a quick experiment. Breadboarding is an important step in testing out ideas or learning how things work. 

Take a look! Pop-up cards are a great twist on the ordinary greeting card. They are enormously fun (and easy!) to create, and the recipient of your card will be delighted. Now it's time to get creative and to make a pop up card of your own.

Tools such as pliers, scissors and soldering irons are available to help you affix the necessary components together to connect the circuit, or turn your badge on. 

Let's TINKER & make your way to Petrosains Innovation Lab today
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