Monday 6 January 2014

Travel Back in Time with Petrosains

I was astounded by the variety of exhibitions in Petrosains itself, however, I was particularly attracted to visit the Geotime Diorama. Having a great interest in rocks and nature as a whole, it is natural for me to spend more time in that particular exhibition. It presents prehistoric events in a unique approach. As I entered the exhibition, I was amused by the setting; it was definitely a new world. I was welcomed by the rapping T-Rex which was amusing and fun to listen to. The exhibition consists of many figurines of ancient animals and plants. The sound effects brought me into the ancient times when dinosaurs ruled the world.  I was lucky to have had the chance to explore it and had more opportunities to gain lots of knowledge without rushing through time.
There were so many things to cover although the exhibition hall itself does not seem to be big! I slowly walked down the path while going through each and every information board. It was not your typical museum with science facts all the way; the exhibition is actually interactive! I was able to learn about the texture of rocks which is essential to determine their respective types. Also, it took me back to the ancient times; to experience the smell of air during that period. But I must say that I am grateful with the air we breathe today because the smell of ancient air was so strong and pungent that I could never imagine myself living during that era. Through the facilities that they have, I gained much knowledge about the prehistoric era. Had I not known that the gap between each species existed was large, I would have thought that plants and animals coexist in a similar period of time. I was amused to know that animal and plant fossils actually aid geologists in establishing the age of a rock. What is interesting about this exhibition, other than interactive models, is the language used to explain the facts. It was explained in both Bahasa Melayu and English using common vocabulary to make sure all visitors including children can engage with the information they read. I could see many kids were actually learning through it with the help of their guardian.
I was happy to not only be able to learn but also to convey what I obtained as I had the chance to help visitors to understand some of the hands-on activities. It piqued their interest to learn more and created an environment to nurture curiosity in science. I was so engrossed in the diorama that I lost track of time. Without knowing, I had spent nearly an hour to fully experience that particular exhibition. The amount of knowledge I gained is ten times the size of the exhibition itself!
Although this was not my first time here, the difference is when I was a child, I would just walk pass through it and get excited while looking at the animal and plant figurines without bothering to read through the information boards. I must say that it was a big loss that I did not go through them earlier but I have found a new form of joy hidden in the exhibition today; this place is both educational and inspiring.  It is not only an exhibition on prehistoric creatures but also a source of information on natural resources and their relations to our environment.  So take your time here and you will find yourself immersed in the unforgettable journey at Geotime Diorama.

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