Wednesday 29 January 2014

3 Good Reasons to Visit Petrosains!

Reason 1: A Chance To Get on An Oil Platform

Grab this rare opportunity to visit and imagine how life is on an oil platform. It's unique because it's the ONLY oil platform in a shopping mall! No need to travel hours on a helicopter to get on it.. This is one of our main attractions & is always a favourite among our visitors. The scenery and environment is the closest you can get to being on a real one! It's not easy to get a chance to be on one unless you work offshore, you know.
The oil platform is divided into 3 main areas which are the production area, drilling area and the crew quarters. You will see many huge yellow pillars with a diameter of 2 metres, also known as 'jackets' that hold up the oil platform on the surface of the sea. Lots of drilling equipment with information on it are displayed too. Have you ever wondered who works on an oil platform? Or how many different types of people with different jobs are needed to operate one? Find out the answers on our oil platform!

Reason 2: See A Real F1 Car

This is a real Formula One car. It was once driven by Nick Heidfeld on real Formula 1 circuits and it has travelled the world! It is displayed in Petrosains for visitors to understand more about the science behind the F1 car. An F1 car is a marvel of engineering. Do you know that the design of the car is precise down to the nearest milimetre to help it run at its fastest speeds, even when going around corners and in different weather conditions? It is a fascinating balance of many different factors that will amaze you.
Learn more about the brilliance of F1 cars. You will also discover many interesting information for each and every component of the F1 car and the special characteristics of each component that has been built into it.

Reason 3: A Rapping T-Rex

Unique, don't you think? Many people love to see dinosaurs but this here is the ONLY rapping T-Rex you'll probably ever see. Watch the video above if you don't believe us! It's a sneak preview of the rapping dinosaur. He raps in both languages, English and Bahasa Melayu, telling about how oil is formed during the pre-historic era and the story continues as you walk along the wonderful journey of information in one of our exhibition areas called the Geotime Diorama. 
You will learn more about things that existed during that era for example how the air smelled during that time, the sedimentation process, types of rocks, volcano eruptions, fossils, lava, pre-historic animals, biospheres and finally you'll find out the answers to the factors of extinction! 

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Petrosains today! Check out our website at for more info on tickets & opening hours. 

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