Monday 9 October 2017

Breakout EDU Digital

An Immersive Learning Game Platform

Ever heard of Escape Room, a physical adventure game where players are required to solve a series of puzzles in a given time to get out of an area they are locked in? 

Breakout EDU Digital is another similar version of Escape Room but it focuses more on the educational value received by players upon completing the game. 

A prevalent difference between Breakout EDU Digital and Escape Room is that it mainly operates on a digital platform which in this case using G Suite for Education apps and tools (For e.g. Google Sites, Google Forms, YouTube). 

Innovative Way To Promote High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) 

All Breakout EDU Games are designed to not only encourage players to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills but require them to use the Four Cs; critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. 

The gameplay is specifically designed to fit the needs of learners or students with an array of interesting clues, mysteries and also storylines which contains elements that capture the interest of today’s younger audience. 

What is needed to conduct a Breakout EDU Digital?

In order to conduct a Breakout EDU Digital, you need:
Stable WIFI connection
Smart devices

How is the game played?

Players are required to collaborate with each other to solve a series of digital puzzle problems in order to unlock a locked box which manifests in this game as a Google Form. Before starting the game, players are provided with a one-page Google Site which contains text, images and clues. 

Screenshot of one of the games featured on

As you can see from the above screenshot, there is a story followed by a Google Form with the locks and an image. Clues are also hidden among the words in the story.

These text, images and clues are mainly deployed to players using G Suite for Education apps and tools; mainly using Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google Drive and YouTube. Answers are submitted on the Google Form embedded in the site through a series of ‘lock’ questions. Players will be unable to ‘breakout’ unless all locks have been unlocked. 

Saving Nasi Lemak Breakout EDU Digital Game

A Malaysian-inspired Breakout EDU Digital Game has been created! 

Featuring Malaysia’s national dish and sweetheart, Nasi Lemak, the game is set to quiz players’ minds with its mind-boggling mathematics questions. Each question is specifically and creatively designed to fit the Nasi Lemak theme. The questions are of Malaysian secondary school students level and can also be answered by adults. 

Upon access to the Google Site, players will be greeted with a mouth-watering banner of Saving Nasi Lemak Game. A story and a Powtoon video usher players further into the game. 

As players explore the Google Site, there will be several images with each leading to a certain stage of the game and contain clues.Players are required to click according to the numbers at each image. 

By clicking on the images, players will be led to the challenges which operate on Google Forms. 

Players will also encounter questions that require them to apply their knowledge into daily life. 


If you would like to learn more about Breakout EDU Digital, feel free to e-mail me at

We would also like to invite enthusiastic readers to be one of our players for our Malaysian-themed Saving Nasi Lemak game! 

Click on the link below and jump on the bandwagon to save Nasi Lemak from the clutches of the evil! 

Come forth, brave soul and test your might in solving the puzzles of the game. Can you save Nasi Lemak in time? 

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