Saturday 16 May 2015

5 Classroom Memories From Us!

Teacher’s Day is on the 16th of May so let's watch videos below as we share some classroom memories from our staff and volunteers in recognition of the great work teachers do. 
Happy Teacher's Day!

Classroom Memories #1
Here’s classroom story by our volunteer, Firzanah. In her story, a ‘punishment’ by her teacher helped her understand physics so much better!

Classroom Memories #2
Petrosains staff Asma shares how her teacher helped her understand the states of matter through the point of view of molecules! Watch the video to listen to her story.

Classroom Memories #3
Use stories to remember the facts of biology! Shamini, our Director of Marketing, shares her valuable memory on the approach used by her biology teacher which helped her understand what was taught.

Classroom Memories #4
‘Pay attention in the classroom and fill in the blank’! These words from the teacher of our volunteer Yap Mei Ling was a useful way for her to learn. Watch the video to see how it helped!

Classroom Memories #5
Petrosains staff Nazri shares in this video his classroom memory on how his teacher explained the science behind combustion. How well do you understand combustion? Check the video out!

Thank you teacher!

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