Friday 12 December 2014

Incredible Toothpicks!

What do you need?
All you need are 5 toothpicks, a syringe and water.

What to do?
Take 5 thin toothpicks and carefully snap them in half.  Ensure both halves are still attached. Then arrange the toothpicks in a circle with the bends touching each other. Drop a very small drop of water to the centre of the circle. Observe what happens.

Watch this video to see what happens!

What's going on?
The wooden toothpicks are made up of dry porous fibers. When water is dropped onto the snapped toothpicks, it moves inside from the  broken part and continues along the length to the pointed tips. The capillary action or water traveling inside the toothpick causes the toothpicks to glide as they straighten. 

Shared by Azni
Learning Specialist, Petrosains

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