Friday 3 October 2014

Ukulele From A Box?

If you have ever imagined creating a ukulele out of a box, you are at the right page! It's called a 'box-elele'! This box-elele is constructed using a cardboard box and has 4 ukulele strings made of nylon polymer. The size of a box-elele is similar to the figure-eight body shape of a typical ukulele. 

Here's how to make a DIY Box-elele :-

Step 1

Place a small rectangular board (white side up) underneath a long piece of wood. Using a pencil, mark the position for the holes on the board.

Step 2

Punch out 4 holes based on your markings. Repeat these steps with the other board.

Step 3

Place both boards onto the wood, ensuring that the holes are clear. Insert the gears into each hole, secure tightly with 2 small screws using a screwdriver.

Step 4

Place the piece of wood in the inner middle part of the box cover & glue it together. Let it dry!

Step 5

Draw four lines (1 cm apart) across the square board. Using a cutter, poke holes along the lines.

Step 6
Fold the board based on the lines, forming a triangle-shaped saddle. Tape the saddle with masking tape to keep it in shape. Then glue the saddle 9 cm from the middle-end of the box cover. 

Step 7

Measure 3 cm from the end of the saddle and draw a 4 cm line parallel to the saddle. Mark or indent 4 holes (1 cm apart) on the line. 

Step 8

To make the bridge, screw 4 big screws into each hole markings / indents. Leave a 0.5 cm gap between the surface and screw head.

Step 9

To make a second saddle, tape 2 mini boards together. Then, tape a bolt to the boards. After that, glue the second saddle next to the first one. 

Step 10

Glue the long boards one by one onto the neck to make the fretboard.

Step 11

To make the nut, tape 4 small boards together. Then, tape the bolt to the boards. Then, glue the nut on top of the fretboard.

Step 12

Measure the scale length which is the distance from nut to bridge.

Nut to First Fret
(NutToFret[1]) = (Scale Length))/17.817

Round up to three decimal places

Nut to Second Fret

Calculate value of bridge to first fret:
BridgeToFret[1] = ScaleLength – NutToFret[1]

Formula for second fret

NutToFret[2] = (BridgeToFret[1])/17.817  + NutToFret[1]

General Formula for all Frets
First step:
BridgeToFret[n-1] = ScaleLength – NutToFret[n-1]

Second fret (and after):
NutToFret[n] = (BridgeToFret[n−1])/17.817  + NutToFret[n-1]

Step 13

Tie one end of the string to the bridge. Insert the other end of the string through the tuning peg and tighten it by turning the peg head. 

Step 14

Ensure that you have strung your box-elele correctly.

Step 15

You have finished building your box-elele

Try strumming out a song!

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