Saturday 29 March 2014


Many items found around the home can be reused for different purposes. So before you throw those items away, think about how they can be reused. Items like glass containers and boxes can be reused as a fantastic storage container to keep various  things and this habit also helps to conserve natural resources, saves energy and reduces the greenhouse effect.

Here is a suggestion on how to reuse empty tissue boxes to make useful storage boxes for plastic bags and multipurpose storage bins that can be used to keep other things like stationery items for kids too!

Step 1:
- Collect empty tissue boxes. 
Step 2:
-   Use it as it is to store plastic bags! You can decorate it if you like.

Step 3:
-  If you would like to make storage boxes for other things like stationery items, you will need to trace the outline of where you would like to cut with a marker then proceed to trim (be careful doing this).

Step 4:
- Wrap up the boxes with old gift wrapping paper. If you don't have one, be creative as you may wrap it using magazine paper or old calendar paper. Do reuse wrapping paper as they are often hard to recycle.

Step 5: 
- Paste or arrange the boxes on a table or affix them to a wall, where it’s convenient for use.

Now, the tissue boxes are ready to use!

By having these practical storage boxes, it will indirectly encourage us to keep used plastic bags in it. Reuse them when going shopping as often as possible. It can be reused several times before it. By reducing the amount of plastic grocery bags in the environment, we are also contributing towards a greener planet! 


Posted by Ayu
Learning Specialist, Petrosains


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