Wednesday 11 September 2013

Organ Donation and Transplant


In Malaysia organ donation is a delicate matter especially among the older generation.  Fear basically due to misinformation and in certain circumstances the lack of it is one of the reasons.  Younger Malaysians in general are however more receptive.  According to Dr. Sh. Mohd Saifuddeen, these fears are unfounded as a procedure has been put in place to ensure organ donation is done in a proper and respectful manner.
A person has to be brain dead before any organ can be removed.  According to Malaysian Society of Transplantation “Brain death is a clinical diagnosis. The presence of irreversible brain damage must be established. Metabolic factors must be ruled out as the cause of the patient’s condition. The patient must be apnoiec (i.e. makes no respiratory effort). The patient is totally unreceptive and unresponsive with the absence of brain stem reflexes while being properly ventilated”.
From the perspective of Islam, Muslims are encouraged to donate their organs.  In Malaysia, organ donation and transplantation had been decreed since June 1970 (Details:  Other main religions of Malaysia; Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Sikhism, allows their followers to donate organs under the premise that no commercialism or exploitation is involved.  It is a holy thing to donate organs as the donor is saving lives (Details:

Meet Malaysia’s first mechanical heart recipient and also recipient of a normal heart, Muhd Fikri Norazmi
Malaysia’s first mechanical heart recipient and also recipient of a normal heart, Muhd Fikri Norazmi, was also present to share is experiences – the pain he had to endure and the discipline he had to instil upon himself to complete his education.
Dr. Sh. Mohd Saifuddeen reminded those who wish to pledge their organs for donation to discuss with their families and loved ones first so that they are aware of your intentions.  This will greatly avoid conflicts later.
More information at:
• Pusat Sumber Transplan Nasional (HKL),
• The Malaysian Society Of Transplantation,

About the speaker

Dr. Sh. Mohd Saifuddeen Bin Sh. Mohd Salleh in action
Dr. Sh. Mohd Saifuddeen Bin Sh. Mohd Salleh is a Consultant Expert at the Programme for Applied Sciences and Islamic Studies at the Academy of Islamic Studies, the University of Malaya since September 2012.  He holds a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Glasgow, as well as a master’s degree in history and philosophy of science, and a doctorate degree in the same field from the University of Malaya.
Prior to joining the university, he was with the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre (MSRC) and the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM). He also served as Executive Director as a private consultant at Yayasan Ilmuwan between 2005 and 2012.
He is a member of the Public Awareness Action Committee on Organ Donation and contributes regularly to awareness programmes organised by the National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC). He is also a member of the Research Ethics Committee, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and distinguished fellow of the research advisory committee of the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC).
He has written nearly 50 academic articles published in books and journals.  In terms of research, he has been involved in a number of research projects in particular on issues of Islam and science. His research interest is applied Islamic ethics.
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