Friday 6 September 2013

Keeping the Pearls of Wisdom - Preserving the Carrier and Messenger


The gist of the session is about preserving the past and learning for the present and future. 
What we learn about the past is not just from artefacts but also knowledge that has been:
a. Acquired from various sources
b. Moulded through research and experiments, and
c. Re-interpreted and manifested through innovations and inventions
During the Islamic Golden Age (mid-8th – mid-13th century), scholars from China, Persia and Central Asia gathered at Baghdad, the center of education and culture.  Institutions of learning, knowledge and research were established and complemented with multi-disciplined and science-based scholars.  What we see today are innovations and inventions that had contributed immensely to mankind then, to us presently and to future generations.
About the Speaker
Mr. Friedrich Farid Zink is the Head of Conservation and Research Centre at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM).  He earned his Certificate in Conservation as Conservator/Restorer for Cultural Heritage and Collections (equivalent to the MA which was later introduced in Germany) from the University Mainz, Germany. 
He served as an Assistant Professor (Guest Professor) at the Department of History & Pakistan Studies, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan and was also the Independent Consultant for Conservation/Restoration, Cultural Resource and Heritage Management for projects of the State of Qatar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany and Department of Antiquities and Museums (DOAM), Pakistan.

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