Monday 7 July 2014

Knowing Corals

One of the most amazing habitats on earth is found in warm and clear waters of tropical oceans worldwide. It is the coral habitat, the hard stony branch skeleton structures made of limestone.  There are many different kinds of corals of different shapes and sizes and all corals are invertebrates (animals that lack a backbone). Most live in colonies consisting of many interconnected individuals living in tiny cup shapes on the corals called polyps.

When you walk by the seaside, you will usually get a chance to see small pieces of dead corals as in the picture above. Did you know that's not how they look like underwater?

Watch the video and listen to the scientist, Associate Prof. Liew Hock Chark to find out:-
1) How do corals defend themselves from threats? 
2) Does pollution from us humans affect corals?
3) How can we preserve corals?

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