Monday 14 May 2018

Another SAHABAT: Banun - the Jahai's

The beautiful Lake Temenggor

Tasik Temenggor greeted us with a bluish tint when we headed for SK Banun, and the surrounding green lush forest gave us a safari like feeling. The challenge with the school kids according to the headmaster is their very low attendance,
and we were thinking -  can we make them stay over the weekend for the camp program? Read on.

Some go by boat or bamboo raft to their homes in the remote village and will stay for a week or two before returning back to school. Illiteracy is rampant among the students with only few that can read even though many can write alphabets. 

Hats off to the teachers who are willing to sacrifice their effort and comfort in staying at make do quarters that lack modern amenities. Our team put up anywhere ‘sleepable’.

Throughout the 4 days, 3 nights camp -- our hands-on activity proved popular!! So does the students stay? They did!! All 61 of them.
The teachers do take some of our hands-on activities for their use in teaching for their class. 

Our hope for this school kids is that -- If we improve their attendance to school is already an achievement. And if by any chance one or two student gets interested in science that is a miracle.

The closing ceremony was done by En Abdul Mutalib, Education Officer from JAKOA who was with us throughout the program.

Home to many wild animals, we did cross path with wild elephants crossing the road –a bit scary though exciting.

Mat Le

Mat Le is the person in charge of the camp, and if Mat Le can do it…. you can too!! Next year proposed venue is National Park Endau Rompin…. any takers?

Enjoy the photos, this is their home … ..and in a way,  their heaven on earth.

..the valley they lived…

..their playground...

..hands-on on a rainbow...

..launching their catapult...

Till then,

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