Thursday 6 April 2017

Streetsmart 5/5: Road Signs. What Do They Mean?

Road signs. What do they mean?

Road signs are there to tell you what you are allowed to do and what you must not do.
It is important to understand and adhere to road signs. 

1. Circular signs give orders

     Blue circular signs usually tell you what you MUST DO

Turn left ahead

      Red circular signs usually tell you what you MUST NOT DO

No entry for vehicles

2. Triangular signs give warnings
Pedestrian crossing ahead

3. Rectangular signs give information

4.  Yellow traffic signs - Yellow caution and directional traffic signs help alert drivers to any traffic pattern changes they must be aware of.

Two way street sign

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Posted by Ayu Royani
Petrosains Blogger 


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  2. Great and informational post regarding road signs. Mostly the road signs can be used for the safety purpose of humans as well as animals.

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