Friday 19 February 2016

Eventfully Unique!

A young petroleum engineer, was half-jokingly asking me if he can have his ‘scaled down’ wedding reception in Petrosains. I replied half-seriously that he can fittingly have it at our Oil Platform gallery and I can even throw in a complimentary 2D/1N offshore-themed honeymoon package there … if he doesn’t mind the double-decker bed! 

Jokes aside, but having birthday parties in fast food outlets, company excursions in theme parks, product launching events in convention centers, or press conferences in hotels may sound passé these days and Petrosains may have what you are looking for… eventfully unique occasions.

Centrally located in the high-traffic Suria KLCC with convenient access via public transportations, our venues and facilities can cater for corporate events,  product exhibitions / launches, movie preview screenings, workshops, talks/forums, conferences, team-building events, treasure hunts, CSR events, as well as private occasions such as birthday parties.

You can get the amazingly unforgettable experience that comes with holding unique events in a science discovery centre inside the tallest twin towers in the world.

While Venue-for-Hire is not our bread and butter, our various facilities and exhibition galleries such as GALLERIA 1, HOT SCIENCE, 3D THEATRE, SCIENCE STATIONS, or even the whole discovery center can be made available to be customized to suit the concept requirements of your events.

Besides the OIL PLATFORM, we also have other exhibition galleries like SPACE, SPEED, SPARKZ, FUTURE ENERGY, and many others which can provide an excellently appropriate backdrops for your small to medium-sized themed occasions.

Some of the distinguished companies like BASF MALAYSIA, NAT GEO, DISNEY JUNIOR, MEDIA PRIMA, and many others have had their events in the past, here in our Discovery Centre.

And we have Molecule Café which can seat over 80 guests for your snacks and coffee breaks and Xplorasi Gift Shop with a good selection of great mementos for your guests.

Petrosains, the Discovery Centre, indeed has a wonderful setting to make your ordinary events extraordinaire.  Let’s explore to create bespoke and eventfully unique occasions for you.

Shared by Hasnan
Guest Blogger  

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