Tuesday 28 April 2015

3 Easy Household Hacks You Can Make With Reusable Items

Did it ever occur to you that the small things around you could ease your life and help you save some money? With a little creativity and effort, you actually can! Here are three household hacks that you can try:

1. The Drink Can Tab as a Double Hanger

Have a quick look into your closet. Is it crammed with all your dresses, sweatshirts, T-shirts, pullovers, cardigans and other outfits? If you are short on closet space, try to use a drink can tab to connect two hangers as solution to it. These double hangers really are a great solution for your limited closet space. Also, if you like to keep your outfits in specific matching sets or for uniforms, this hack can really help you as you no longer have to waste that  few minutes to find the other pair of your uniform.

2. Juice Bottles as a Multi-Purpose Storage Unit

We use bottles every day, for juice and milk, and we throw it out instantly after we're done using it. How about creating something out of it? A storage unit, perhaps? Think of a space in your house or office that might need storage units and think creatively what design can be created out of the juice bottles that are suitable with that place. For instance, if you are thinking of a storage unit for a kids’ playroom, you can cut the bottle with a big opening and decorate it with bright, colourful ribbons to store their pencils and colouring pencils. No need to spend on new storage units!

3. Bread Clips to Save Worn Out Slipper 

Oh no! Your slippers are suddenly worn out? Well.. don’t worry about having to buy new slippers as you totally can save it using bread bag clips! It's really easy. You just need to plug up the worn holes with bread clips as in the picture below and your slippers are good to use for another few months!

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